Finance and Divorce Update in Brief

January 29, 2015 1:11 pm


There have been many developments towards the end of 2014 within family law and in particular within separation, divorce and financial proceedings. We have come across a great article in Family Law Week summarising the recent developments in divorce and financial proceedings. In particular the effect of divorce and relationship brake down leading to stress related illness and absence from work.

The article also touches upon the issue of heterosexual civil partnerships, where a heterosexual couple rejected the idea of marriage on the basis that they both describe themselves as feminists, and feel that the traditional patriarchal role within marriage wasn’t for them. The couple are challenging their local council by judicially reviewing the decision not to allow them to enter into a civil partnership.  The debate and controversy seems to be centered around the concern that allowing heterosexual couples to enter into civil partnerships may undermine the institution of marriage.

The article also outlines recent important case law decisions including specific guidance in relation to periodical payments in financial proceedings, and consideration of a husband’s family wealth when a lump sum was awarded to the wife.

Click below for the full article. Well worth a read http://

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