Father Accused of Rape Granted Exceptional Case Funding

December 1, 2014 1:27 pm

Some may wince reading the headline. Why should someone accused of rape be entitled to exceptional case funding when it is so regularly denied to most? But isn’t it all the more important when accused of a crime (particularly whilst awaiting trial and denying the offence) for an individual to have access to justice? Further, the article below and Judgment rightly points out that the Mother in the proceedings would not have given her best evidence if the litigation was conducted by her accused rapist. For both the Mother and the Father it is important to the outcome of proceedings and in everybody’s interests for them to be represented and have the benefit of legal advice. The cuts to funding have had a negative impact on proceedings, access to justice and ultimately, children and families pay the price. It is refeshing to see that on this occasion, they got it right and granted the Father exceptional funding.

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