Family Dispute Resolution Week Starts Media Debate

December 11, 2014 1:18 pm

By Laura Milburn


Some of the media have perhaps missed the point and are suggesting that the week was about supporting divorce.  Although its great news that this years ADR week seems to have made the greatest impression, the Chair of Resolution sets out the position most clearly:

“This misses the point. One of the risks associated with promoting a non-confrontational approach to divorce is that, sadly, the initial words get lost and people see you as promoting divorce. Nothing could be further from the truth. Resolution is not, never has been, and certainly for as long as I am Chair, never will be a ‘pro’ or ‘anti’ marriage organisation. As I put it to one radio station: ‘While Resolution supports getting marriage right and advocates marriage counselling where there are marital difficulties, we encourage getting divorce right where the marriage is unsalvageable.”

The article very comprehensively deals with the topic and is definitely worth a read.