ADR Week: Alternatives to Court Proceedins

October 14, 2015 12:46 pm

With the cost of proceedings often reaching into the thousands, it is ever important to try to resolve matters without the need to attend court.

This week is ‘ADR Week’ looking at alternatives to litigation, for example mediation, collaborative law or negotiation between the parties with the assistance of legal advice.

Although it is hoped that the parties will not need to attend court, it is essential that parties have the benefit of sound legal advice and know their options. The best way to ensure that both parties reach a compromise, suitable to both, is to be fully informed and make a decision on that basis. This will hopefully mean that any agreement is more meaningful, given that both parties have ‘signed up’ to the agreement and feel that it is in their interests.

Ideally approaching matters with ADR should mean less conflict by not having to attending court, and less expense. We suggest that the alternatives to court work best where there has been sound legal advice alongside the alternatives to court.

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