ADR Week: A Better Way to Divorce – Resolution 2014

November 24, 2014 1:30 pm

A Better Way to Divorce – Resolution 2014:

This week is ‘ADR Week’ looking at Alternative Dispute Resolution. There are many alternatives to litigation, for example, mediation, the collaborative law process and negotiation between the parties with the assistance of legal advice.

With the cost of proceedings often reaching into the thousands, it is ever important to try to resolve matters without the need to attend court. We suggest that the most meaningful and lasting agreements are those where the parties alongside the process have the assistance of legal advice and are fully informed about the consequences of their agreement.

Attempting to resolve matters without needing to attend court can also help prevent the parties becoming further polarised in their positions. Resolution promote a non confrontational approach: take the time to watch the video above for an eye opening insight into the difficulties surrounding relationship brakedown.